Natural Induction

Andrew Orr has also done his own independent observational research studies into ‘Natural induction of labour assisted by acupuncture’ during pregnancy. He is one of the only independent healthcare practitioners in Australia to have done this sort of research. He also has a special interest in these areas of pregnancy.

There is also lots of research into this area of pregnancy, and there is now good evidence to show that acupuncture may assist in helping with the labour processes, alongside and in conjunction with medical interventions.

There are many reasons that a woman may seek natural induction treatments prior to medical interventions.

  • Natural induction and is far less invasive than induction by other means as the process is more gradual.
  • Medical processes are highly effective for inducing labour but tend to place women into tertiary stages of labour, leading to a painful and intense birthing experience.
  • A woman’s obstetrician, general practitioner, or midwife may have referred her for assistance, prior to trying medical interventions.

Many obstetricians and midwives refer their pregnant patients for assistance with labour preparation, before trying medical interventions, or at the same time as using medical interventions. Dr Andrew Orr’s clinic has a very symbiotic relationship with many obstetricians, midwives and pregnancy healthcare providers to ensure the highest quality care and assistance is provided to all patients during their pregnancy.

The Treatment

Treatments begin in our delux reclining massage chairs, followed by acupuncture to specific points on the body. The treatments are very relaxing which is needed for the mother during this time. During treatment, Electro-Stimulation is applied using a TENS machine, sending gentle electro-nuero-stimulation through the body via the acupuncture needles to assist with many processes, as well as relaxation. We generally recommend between 1 to 3 treatments 48 hours apart.  A woman can begin this process from 38 weeks and after recommendation from her specialist, midwife, or primary healthcare provider. All the processes are explained to you at the time of booking your appointment and also during your treatment.

To find out how this process may be able to assist you, please call us on 07 38328369.


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