Dr Andrew Orr’s Highly Successful Fertility Program

Are you struggling to fall pregnant?

  • Have you had multiple failed cycles of IVF, or Assisted Reproductive Therapies?
  • Do you want to know ways to increase your chances of pregnancy?
  • Are you struggling to fall pregnant a second time around?
  • Do you feel like a number at your fertility clinic?
  • Do you feel like your fertility specialist, GP, or gynaecologist isn’t listening to you?
  • Could you have had things missed in your fertility investigations?
  • Are you getting to a point where your fertility journey is getting you down?
  • Do you just want proper answers to why you aren’t conceiving?
  • Have both you and your partner been evaluated properly?
  • Are you considering IVF, or Assisted Reproductive Therapies and want to know more?
  • Do you just think that there could be more to your issues that haven’t been looked at?

Dr Andrew Orr’s highly successful Fertility Program has helped over 12,500 babies into the world and can help increasing and assisting your fertility success rates (based on independent research).

For years Dr Andrew Orr has seen couples, single women and anyone requiring fertility help, walk through his door, emotionally exhausted, desperate and at breaking point. The problem for many of these people is that they have not been investigated properly by everyone they have seen, both medically and holistically. Worse still some of the people are already at a point of giving up, believing they have done everything possible, when in fact they haven’t. The sad fact is that some people may have already given up thinking they did everything, when actual fact they may not have. It is so sad when Dr Andrew Orr hears stories like this is why we are holding this night to help couples, and single women doing it on their own, get the right information and help them to be properly diagnosed or investigated.

Dr Andrew Orr is one of Australia’s leading integrative medicine practitioners, who has specialisation degrees through the faculty of medicine at UNSW, with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters in Women’s Health (Medical). He is well known in both the medical and complementary medicine fields for all of his success and work with couples for Fertility and pregnancy and also for people with gynaecological conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS.

Dr Andrew Orr is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine practitioner, a Nutritionist, and is an owner/Director of his own Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplement Company-ConceptShen Nutritional Medicine PTY LTD.

Dr Orr is also Lecturer, Public Speaker, Researcher, Mentor, Writer, Chef, Author and more.

Dr Andrew Orr has helped over 12,500 babies into the world with his multimodality fertility program combining Eastern, Western and Nutritional Medicine. It is truly an integrative medicine program and he has gained much media attention about it. He has been on national television on programs like “A Current Affair” and many local and state television shows for his successes with fertility. In the media he has been named “The Brisbane Baby Maker”.

He has also had independent research done on his program and the results have showed that it can help with assisting couples to increase their fertility success rates.

Dr Andrew Orr has written and reviewed for the Australian Medical Journal, written for leading Magazines and has appeared on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Channel 9’s Brisbane Extra and been in national papers and health magazines.

Dr Andrew Orr also lecturers to Health Care Professionals, Specialists, Midwives, students and the general public on a regular basis.

Dr Andrew Orr has a passion for Health Care and helping people to get the best out of their lives on both a physical and emotional level. He also has a passion for helping fellow practitioners gain knowledge and to also help anyone who needs help with changing their lives for the better.

Dr Andrew Orr also has a special interest and focus in assisting and helping gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS and travels the country lecturing to healthcare professionals about the importance of early intervention and treatment for women. He is very passionate about informing women of the medical facts about gynaecological conditions and to not wait and put up with things such as period pain. His motto is always that “Period Pain Is Not Normal” and that he has a “No Stone Left Unturned Approach” to anyone he helps.

Dr Andrew Orr’s Fertility Program is run by Dr Andrew Orr, who has over 20 years experience in the treating and assisting Fertility and Gynaecological issues to bring people a true multimodality-integrative approach to fertility issues. He has helped over 12,500 babies into the world via his highly successful multimodality Fertility Programme. The success of his fertility program has been documented nationwide in the media and he is known as “The Brisbane Baby Maker”.

The Fertility Programme is very through. Many people don’t realise what goes on in the background before you even step through our door. Comprehensive questionnaires are sent out to people and medical reports, blood tests, medical investigations, surgical intervention (if needed people are referred to our preferred surgeons) and everything that is needed for your reproductive and health history is chased up and checked so that people are diagnosed correctly. Dr Orr also works in with his referral network of specialists and other healthcare practitioners to make sure everything that needs to be done is done.

Both men and women are assessed as fertility issues are not just related to females. Over 50% of fertility issues are related to make factors and many miscarriage issues are related to chromosomal factors relating to the male also. Dr Andrew Orr is always seeing many male issues are missed due to non compliance and assumptions. Biology 101 tells us it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, not just an egg. Everything for the couple, or anyone needing fertility treatment, is assessed properly and thoroughly before you even walk in the door.

Fertility treatments aren’t just about having Acupuncture or holistic medicine either. Couples are then assessed and treated on both a medical and complementary medicine level and a comprehensive report is written up with all the changes and investigations that you will need to get do. These recommendations are then constantly checked and followed up to ensure couples get all the investigations done and that all the requested changes are made. Dr Orr also liaises with other specialists as part of your treatments and investigations. There is no stone left unturned.

The program encompasses dietary changes, addressing nutritional deficiencies, reducing stress, managing emotions, enhancing immunity and improving sperm and egg quality. We also address known causes of infertility including Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and any other pelvic pathology that may be causing fertility issues. Every test or investigation that needs to be done is done and thoroughly looked over.

The program begins with the Fertility Education Session, lasting 3 hours and conducted once per month, or as needed, depending on numbers. These Fertility Education Sessions are conducted to small groups of clients and delivered by myself so that every couple is educated on the changes and investigation that will need to increase their chances of having a baby.

Attendance at a Fertility Education Session is compulsory for singles/couples on the program. At the sessions, clients receive a full report based on previously completed questionnaires and test results, as well as crucial herbs and supplements to begin the journey to conception. Soon after the education session, clients attend a 1 on 1 consult with me to receive additional information and recommendations as well as a treatment plan moving forward.

Treatments on Dr Andrew Orr’s Fertility Program also involves fortnightly acupuncture appointments for both men and women and the use of individual tailored herbs, herbs from the ConceptShen fertility range and vitamins according to the individual’s holistic diagnosis and their medical diagnosis as well. We also have acupuncturists we refer to for those who aren’t local, who are interstate, or overseas.

Couples from all over Australia and even internationally have travelled to Brisbane to participate in the Dr Andrew Orr’s Fertility Program. It is compulsory that all remote, interstate and international patients attend the initial seminar and then consult with Dr Andrew Orr in person, however following this we also offer Skype consults for the follow-up consultations.

We have a postal ordering system which enables our remote patients to order and receive their herbal medicines, ConceptShen fertility formulas, supplements and vitamins at their convenience.

The program is designed to support both natural conception and those couples using Assisted Reproduction Technologies such as IVF and IUI. We follow specific protocols when supporting IVF an IUI cycles, which our staff will explain upon enquiry.

With Dr Andrew Orr’s Fertility Program we want every couple, or person seeking fertility treatment, to be able to have a baby and we make sure you have everything done possible to ensure you have the best chance of conceiving a baby.

For further information please call Dr Andrew Orr’s staff on 07 3832 8369, or email info@drandreworr.com.au