Breech presentation

Breech Presentation in Pregnancy

There are many reasons that a woman may seek help and assistance for breech presentation prior to medical interventions.

  • They are looking for less invasive and much safer interventions than External Cephalic Version (ECV – manual manipulation of the baby)
  • Medical processes are not always effective and can be a  painful and intense experience.
  • A woman’s obstetrician, general practitioner, or midwife may have referred her for assistance, prior to trying medical interventions.

Leading obstetricians refer their pregnant patients to Dr Andrew Orr’s clinic for assistance with various conditions that present during pregnancy, before trying medical interventions, or at the same time as using medical interventions. Dr Andrew Orr’s clinic has a very symbiotic relationship with many of our leading Obstetricians, midwives and pregnancy healthcare providers to ensure the highest quality care and assistance is provided to all patients during their pregnancy.

The focus of my treatment in this area arises out of my extensive studies focusing on my special interest in Women’s health, Pregnancy and Reproductive medicine

To find out how Dr Andrew may be able to assist you with a complaint, or condition during pregnancy, please call our clinic, or email us.