About Dr Andrew Orr

Dr Andrew Orr

Managing Director |Reproductive Medicine  & Women’s Health Specialist (MRMed, MWHM -Medical UNSW| Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Andrew Orr is one of Australia’s leading Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health specialists, with over 20 years of experience in helping and assisting Fertility, Gynaecological issues, Women’s Health and Pregnancy.

Andrew has specialised medical degrees with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters of Women’s Health Medicine through the faculty of medicine at UNSW. Dr Orr is not a gynaecologist,or a GP.He is well known in both the medical and complementary medicine fields for all of his success and work.

Andrew also has qualifications and degrees in complementary medicines and uses a combination of medical science and complementary medicines to give a multi-modality approach to health which we would now term “integrative medicine”.

Andrew and is also the owner/Director of his own Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplement Company-ConceptShen Nutritional Medicine PTY LTD.

Dr Andrew Orr is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qualified Chef, Nutritionist, Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Researcher, Mentor and more.

He also runs a successful clinic practice in Brisbane and helps women and couples locally, interstate and from overseas.

Andrew’s special interest is difficult Fertility cases, Women’s Health and Gynaecological/Reproductive conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS. There isn’t much that he has not seen and he sees the worst of the worst for all the conditions he helps. He actively gives his time to help in the education of Endometriosis and PCOS and many other women’s health and fertility issues.

Andrew also travels to country lecturing to healthcare practitioners and the general public about fertility,  women’s health and gynaecological issues and the importance of early intervention and treatment for all women and couples. His motto is that “Period Pain IS NOT normal” and his other motto is “No Stone Left Unturned” and is very passionate about informing women and couples about the medical facts about gynaecological conditions and urging women not to put up with things such as period pain. He applies his “No Stone Left Unturned” motto to every person he sees and treats and is passionate about helping them to get the best out of their lives on both a physical and emotional level.

Andrew Orr has helped over 12,500 plus babies into the world with his fertility program combining both Eastern, Western and Nutritional Medicine. It is truly an integrative medicine program that sets itself a part and he has gained much media attention about it. He has had independent research done on the success rates of his program

Andrew Orr has written and reviewed for the Australian Medical Journal, written for leading Magazines and has appeared on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Channel 9’s Brisbane Extra and been in national papers and health magazines. The media has given him the name of “The Brisbane Baby Maker” and “The Women’s Health Expert”

Andrew Orr also lecturers to Health Care Professionals, Specialists, Midwives, students and the general public on a regular basis.

Dr Andrew Orr is also very proactive and passion for helping fellow practitioners gain knowledge about the facts around reproductive medicine and women’s health medicine so that they can better serve their own patients and to also help anyone who needs help with changing their lives for the better. Dr Orr knows that too many people are “Missed” and “Dismissed” on their health journey and why he is very passionate about educating other practitioner to use is “No Stone Left Unturned” approach to everyone person they see.