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After my post on “Rust Never Sleeps and Neither Does Endometriosis” I was overwhelmed with such lovely messages from some amazing people

Wow, there really is so many people out there suffering this horrible disease. As I said, I had someone very special and dear to me that was riddled with Endometriosis and put up with it for 20-30 odd years. It was so bad and luckily I was able to help her get it sorted properly.

I treat endometriosis everyday in my clinic. I know how it effects you physically, emotionally and on every level possible. It is such a terrible disease to have. I also know many people who have it don’t know they do have it until that start to try and have a baby. Then they come and see me and we find it. Many people are asymptomatic (no symptoms).

Unfortunately when it comes to endometriosis we really only hear about those who have the really have the bad pain. Unfortunately so many of you who have read this, or have contacted me about this, have the pain side of it.

But please take heart, you can beat this disease with the right treatment. I do know many of you aren’t seeing the right people, or not getting the right treatment for this. So many of you get overlooked, or passed over, or misdiagnosed, or even just plain old ignored. It is disgusting and should never happen

Endo really does require a multi modality approach to treat it properly though. There really isn’t one thing, or a magic pill. I wish there was. I wish I could give you all that. Through many years of studying this, years of treating this and just knowing what to do and what works and what doesn’t, is why I have so much success. I do lots of things combined. I do have my own range of medicines that I have formulated to treat endometriosis and other gynaecological issues. But they are practitioner only and do need to be prescribed by a qualified practitioner to be able to use them. You can find out more by emailing

Even then you still just can’t take a magic pill. You really do need to look at the individual, assess that individual and then use a multi modality approach with everything from diet changes, lifestyle changes, help with emotions, help with the acute pain etc and really look at what is fuelling the pain and fuelling the endometriosis. The number one diagnostic and investigation for endometriosis and to help with acute pain will always be a laparoscopy too.

I do know it is hard for you all. I really do. Not everyone knows who to treat this properly and treat this like I would. I wish they did. I really do. I know many of you have said you have tried everything and many times I find out your haven’t, or may have only just tried a few things in combination. You need to do it all properly and at the same time. Some of you have really just seen the wrong people, been given the wrong advice and really just seen a crappy specialist, or surgeon. It really saddens me. So sorry for you that have. I really wish I could clone myself sometimes.

I do know many women do get relief from the hysterectomy and I have to say I sometimes have to tell people this is the better option, if it is really affecting your life. But, it needs to be done by a good surgeon and it also needs to be done intravaginallly and via laparoscopy. That is how I make sure my patients get it done. Much better recovery and less impact on them. It is hard to make those decisions though. Sometimes the endo has really spread to other parts of the body so hysterectomy really doesn’t solve endo all the time. It can help though.

It is hard to help from afar, but if you do want my help, I do Skype consults so I could help you. I do help people all over the world and Skype now offers a medium to do that.

I can’t give advice over the internet because of legal and professional ethical reasons, so I do need to see people, or at least Skype them to be able to give advice. It is so much easier if I can see you in person, especially those that live here in Australia. Flights are cheap these days and I have the best surgeons and team working with me. I really do have the best endo surgeon that I work with.

I know how hard this must be for you, a very special loved one had very bad endometriosis as well. Luckily now, with the right treatment and after 30 odd years of getting nowhere, she is finally feeling better.

If you would like my help, please email me at and also copy my patient liaison in at That way it won’t get lost and I know she does get all my messages.

Please take heart. Know that you are not alone.Know that there really is help out there. I know this disease can be beat with the right treatment. Know that I hear you and what you are going through and will always be here to help educate people about this disease and hopefully find a cure to this horrible disease one day.

Looking forward to helping you if you need my help and pointing you in the right direction


Dr Andrew Orr

No Stone Left Unturned

“Women’s and Men’s Health Advocate”


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